Congratulations you’re engaged! Now its time to let the world know...


Congratulations you’re engaged! They liked it and they put a ring on it!

Now its time to let the world know, celebrate and of course pop that champagne.

Firstly, you need to let your nearest and dearest know about your exciting news or you may be waiting to let everyone know at one time, or eve n keep it to yourselves as a little secret for 24/ 48 hours. Whatever you decide be sure to chat with your new ‘fiancée’ (a term that will sound so alien for quite some time) to come to an overall idea of who you will be letting know first or of course how you’re going to share your exciting news.

Times have changed and the formal engagement announcements are few and far between with social media now being the preferred option to tell the masses. Most couples tend to use these platforms to announce their news. Of course, this is one of the happiest days of your life so you want to let everyone know your loved up and no longer on the market but what’s the best way for you as a couple to do this?

Sending out formal announcements and going old school is a great idea as nowadays its original and quirky. Maybe you are a low-key couple and don’t want to make a big deal out if it, then that’s absolutely fine you could just simply change your Facebook status let your closest family and friends know and anyone else you’ll be inviting to the wedding when you see them. Most couples do make an announcement as its exciting and also to give a heads up to your wider circle of friends or work colleagues just so they know rather than one day receiving a save the date card out of the blue. Especially in the current climate we all need some positive news for a change!

However, you decide to do it, make it personal to you as a couple! Is there something you both like to do together as a hobby? Maybe its surfing? Write it on a surfboard and snap a photo. Maybe you both like to cook together? Write it on a pizza or get creative. You may just love to go on long walks together and could simply write it in the sand? Maybe you take your dog with you on your walks, well get them involved and snap a photo announcing the news with them holding a sign. That makes for a cute photo as well! Your fiancée may have secretly captured the moment they asked you on camera and this would make for a great way to announce your engagement and also get your family & friends involved if they weren’t there, as everyone loves an engagement story of how they did it. make a video involving this and other photos of you two as a couple as well? Make sure not to forget about any family members or friends that may not have social media or live far away, be sure to let them know as well, even if this is just a phone call, this is a lot nicer than finding out by email or someone else.

In these times I think we’d all love a party and if you’re reading this and its safe to do so then what a great idea! Have your family & friends round your house for a dinner party, BBQ, games night, just a few drinks, maybe all go out for dinner and surprise them or hire a venue and make it big. If restrictions are in place and gatherings are very limited then how about a zoom chat? You could save your news for when you can all get together and start planning your wedding in secret, if you can keep it a secret!?

Is your engagement around or on a special holiday? Valentines? Easter? Halloween? Christmas? Maybe bring this theme into how you announce your engagement and make it fun. This is the first planning you will do as a couple so you’ll show each other how you work together and will give your family & friends a bit of an insight as to you as a couple.

Whichever way you decide to announce your plans, I wish you the very best of luck in your journey as a couple and don’t forget to get in touch to see how we can help with your wedding plans!

All the best,

The Marquee Solutions Team

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