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 We are The Good Stone. We specialise in woodfired feasts for weddings and occasions. 


We cater to couples who are looking for something atmospheric and fresh. Everything we serve is cooked over fire, using our custom-made flame cooking rigs. The Good Stone is about smokey flavours, charred textures and creating atmosphere and theatre. 


Our modus operandi and resulting dishes are designed to celebrate sharing and communal eating. We enjoy watching how our cooking style starts conversations about food, and we love knowing our guests are getting hungry… as they experience the feast by its aromas, before it reaches their plates.


The cooking is part of the performance and we like to be sited in view of your guests whilst we work. This adds to the character and uniqueness of your event. No kitchens with conventional ovens, all the hot food you eat from us will have been over the flames. Think, 8-hour whole roasted asado-lamb, or cedar-smoked hot salmon, flash grilled baby-gem lettuce and caramelised peaches and plums drizzled with honey and spices. The flavours we can achieve from cooking over wood and coal are incredible. 


There are easier ways of doing things, but we take pride in serving our food as authentically as possible!


My journey into woodfired feasts started 20 years ago in Western Australia where I worked with a Turkish family who ran a rustic woodfired takeaway serving traditional Turkish dishes. I was inspired by this way of cooking, the sights and smells and incredible tastes, and wanted to translate this experience to events on my island. 


Locally, I began with woodfired pizzas from our bespoke mobile oven, and we have slowly created more elaborate dishes and cooking rigs that will enable me to bring these exciting flavours to larger events. 


We provide all food needs for the day, and welcome veggies, vegans and carnivores. 


It’s no secret that the last year has turned the wedding world upside down, but we are raring to go and have big plans for Summer ’21. We take pride in our relationships with the families we work with. We aim to take any stress away from our couples so they can have the best experience, without any worries. This year we have partnered with Project 52 to offer a complete and bespoke bar service. (Stay tuned for more info coming soon)


There is no doubt trends in foods are undergoing big changes and we are at the forefront of a revolution that will see less formality, more feasts than nibbles, and overall a more relaxed and soulful experience. Food with street influences and food that excites the senses is what will keep this industry on its toes in the coming years. I sense society in general is becoming much more aware of where our food comes from, with the emphasis on local and sustainable growing practices, and high welfare meats. I love it when I meet couples eager to bring as much of Jersey to the plate as possible. Serving local, in such an abundant island, should be a priority!


The best way to get in touch is via email. From that point I like to meet our couples to get a real feel for what is wanted, and also to explore ideas and options to ensure the day is completely tailored to your food loves.


@thegoodstone on Instagram & Facebook.


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