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Those All Important Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day  

by Andy Le Gresley Photography



Those All Important Moments to Capture on Your Wedding Day


One of the things I love most about photographing a wedding is that every couple’s story
is so unique and special and I’m the one that gets to capture the beautiful moments that
tell that story. The memories created by you the bride and groom, your friends and family
will be treasured forever and that’s why it’s essential as a photographer to capture those
all important moments and shots.
Here are what I believe to be some of the most stand out parts of the day, demonstrated
beautifully by Cassidy and Alex’s gorgeous wedding, which I shot this summer. The
ceremony was held at the St Peter La Rocque Church followed by an intimate reception
at a private house at La Rocque beach.


Bride Getting Ready

There is so much wonderful anticipation in the bride’s face as you get ready for the day
ahead, with the people closest to you. Whether it be a shot of you looking excitedly into
the mirror as your make-up artist completes the final touches, your Mum helping you with
your wedding dress or the moment your father sees you in your wedding dress for the
first time, the emotion in your eyes has to be captured.

W CA 20 10087

W CA 20 10099


Cassidy’s face is a picture of excitement as she walks into the room for her dad to see her
in her dress.


W CA 20 10120 1.jpg.


Bride Walking Down the Aisle

This is perhaps one of the most pivotal moments of the day and the most anticipated by
all the guests. It’s the moment when everyone finally gets to see how stunning you look
with your dress, hair and make up all complete. But, in some ways more importantly, it
represents the beginnings of your new married life. As you can see here, Cassidy’s father
is beaming with pride as he leads her down the aisle and she is bursting with happiness
as she walks towards Alex.


W CA 20 10164 1


The First Look

The first look exchanged between the bride and groom has to be captured; whether it be
a picture of pure joy or shy emotion, there is so much love there!


W CA 20 10167


The Ceremony

There are so many incredibly emotional moments to photograph during the ceremony -
the exchanging of vows, the exchanging of rings and of course the first kiss. There may
be tears and laughter but most of all I love to capture the overwhelming happiness clearly
visible in the bride and groom’s expressions.


W CA 20 10196

W CA 20 10205


Exiting the Ceremony Together

Literally one of the most joyful moments of the day! All of your guests are celebrating and
smiling at you as you walk back down the aisle arm in arm, newly married, and you are on
cloud nine, happiness and joy spread all over your faces.


W CA 20 10233


Family and Bridal Party Group Shots

A slightly more structured part of the day but it can still be fun and relaxed capturing
those classic shots for all your family and bridal party.


W CA 20 10275


Natural Portraits

Before the reception begins, it’s a great opportunity for you, the bride and groom, to
sneak away and have some relaxed, private moments together, which I absolutely love to
capture! Cassidy and Alex’s stunning wedding reception overlooking La Rocque beach
and harbour was the perfect backdrop for this.


W CA 20 10316 v2

W CA 20 10322

W CA 20 10332

W CA 20 10341

W CA 20 10344


The Scene Setter and the Details

With you putting so much time, energy and thought into the styling and decoration of the
wedding reception, I think it’s really important to capture this. To set the scene, I like to
take some wide shots that really capture the atmosphere of the location and your guests
enjoying themselves. I also like to hone in on the details - the flowers, the table settings,
the cake and any other elements that have meaning or significance to you.


W CA 20 10375 v2

W CA 20 10405

W CA 20 10408

W CA 20 10422


The Reactions During the Speeches

Love, tears and laughter are all a massive part of the speeches and have to be captured
well! I like to use a long lens to get close in on the action without intruding, particularly
during the groom’s speech, as it’s such an emotional and love-filled stage of the day for
both the bride and groom.


W CA 20 10445

W CA 20 10469

W CA 20 10483

W CA 20 10484


Sunset Portraits

Not always possible, but if the light allows, I love capturing some more natural portraits
and intimate moments between the bride and groom at sunset. Many of my clients say
that this is their favourite part of the day - they’re feeling super relaxed and are ready to
spend ten minutes just the two of them to take it all in. The light on the beach at Cassidy
and Alex’s wedding was gorgeous at this time and the scenery surrounding them just


W CA 20 10538 v2

W CA 20 10547

W CA 20 10542


The First Dance

Whether it’s the the groom swirling the bride around the room or just a gentle swaying
embrace, with all the guests looking on in delight, this is always a classic shot!


W CA 20 10582 v3


The End of the Night Shot

I always think it’s important to capture a shot that frames the end of the couple’s wedding
day story. This could be a moonlit portrait under a starry sky, the bride and groom
dancing and looking lovingly into each other’s eyes or the bride and groom leaving the
wedding party with all their guests cheering and waving them off. Whichever it is, it’ll be a
shot filled with joy, love and happiness - the perfect way to end the story of the perfect


W CA 20 19579


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