Popping the question?


All weddings start somewhere and we thought we would take it right back to the very beginning this week of where it all begins!

So you’ve bought the ring and you want to pop ‘the’ question to your partner and start your journey to becoming a married couple but unsure how to do this or where to start?  

Before we get started, we would just like to be one of the first to say good luck and congratulations on making this step in your life. You may not have even bought the ring yet and if so don’t worry there’s still time, try and get some ideas on what style of ring your partner likes by asking a close and trusted friend of theirs or by looking at the jewellery they wear now, also try get an idea on the size ring they’ll need as well.

Asking someone to marry you is of course a very nerve-wracking time but also very exciting and you want to make it as special as possible for you both.

You may have friends or family members trying to persuade you on what to do but do what feels right for you and your relationship. Would your partner like a big spotlight with all eyes on them? Getting engaged is a very personal, special and intimate moment and you both want to feel comfortable. Of course, nerves are normal but if you want it to just be you two standing on the beach at sunset then do this. Or would they prefer it if you were in a busy restaurant and got down on one knee? This is also a great idea as you get the atmosphere and a crowd of people cheering you on. Maybe this isn’t you as a couple and a nice romantic meal in the comfort of your own home would be more comfortable or even just a takeaway and the pizza spells it out for you?

At the end of the day it’s the thought that counts and your partner will know this. Planning how your going to pop the question is tough enough so don’t do this on your own, get your close friend involved and see if they have any ideas? Also be sure to let anyone know that needs to before asking your partners hand in marriage? Maybe you need to let their parents know before asking and they may give you some ideas too.

Think ahead…are there any special occasions coming up where you can ask them? Are you going on holiday? Is it valentine’s day? Their birthday? Your anniversary? Maybe it’s a leap year? And in this case, girl power!

There are so many ideas on how to propose and of course all the classics! Hiding it their glass of champagne, getting down on one knee in a busy public setting, or just you two on the beach or on a nice romantic walk. Why not mix it up and create a scavenger hunt and include all your special places together? or create a movie of you two together, even a power point presentation would be very special, personal and thoughtful plus a great keep-sake! You could be very romantic and write a poem about your relationship and how you feel about them.

This leads onto the next point…words and how you’re going to say it! Be sure to write down exactly what you want to say as this can help with nerves and if you’re not good with being put on the spot. Even if in the moment it comes from the heart, you have what you want to say wrote down in your pocket so if you have a bit of a mind blank you can always refer back to your paper so you don’t leave anything out that you wanted to say in the moment.

Tip: make sure your partner is feeling their best at the time you do it and you’ll be able to judge this!

Most girls want their nails, hair and make-up done before they get engaged and to get that perfect engagement photo so you could make this part of your plans and rope their friends/family in to get them all dolled up so it doesn’t look too obvious and so they feel great when this special moment comes around. Remember to make sure you fully trust the people you’re telling as you want it to be kept a secret!

Music is also important and sets the scene…is there a particular song you like together and is your couple song to make this moment more special and memorable?

Don’t forget to capture the moment too! Maybe set up a tripod and pretend to get a photo of you both and take a video instead. If you’re at a party get a friend to take a photo/video to make sure you have this moment forever. If you’re asking in a restaurant/public place ask one of the public/a waiter to take a photo or be sneaky and have your close family/friends to hide and jump out when they say ‘YES!’ or even hire a professional photographer to sneakily capture the moment!

As long as you’ve put thought into it and taken what they would like to do into consideration, anything you decide will be amazing and we wish you all the luck on your journey.

Have fun whilst you plan and don’t get stressed this should be an exciting and happy time and do it when the time feels right for you both.

And remember once your partner has said yes, be sure to get in touch and let us guide you through the whole process from there on!!

All the best,

The Marquee Solutions Team


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