Real Wedding Feature

Sophie and Philip


Thank you to Sophie and Phil for taking the time to write about the planning and details of their wedding day which hopefully will be helpful to other couples in making decisions, giving suggestions on venues/suppliers etc, ideas and to discuss how covid-19 impacted their wedding which was held in August 2020. It wasn't the day they thought of but it was still just as magical and special.  


Where did you meet?

Through The Jersey Young Farmer’s Club.


What did you do for your first date?

Went to the Oyster Box for dinner.


How long have you been together?

5 years, 3 months


How and where did he/she propose?

Sophie had been doing exams in London and Phil suggested we go for dinner to the Salty Dog. He parked the car on the pier and proposed on the pier after dinner, this is where we had our first kiss.  


How long were you engaged before you got married?

Just under 3 years, due to Sophie having to work away in the UK for a year.


What made you decide to go with the venue you chose for your wedding day?

 Sophie’s grandma’s house, so personal to us both.


Where did you go on your hen /stag do’s?

Change of plans due to COVID – Sophie’s hen location is still a surprise, as we are hoping to do it again when everything is a bit more settled. Phil was meant to go to Bristol. Instead he did a twelve parish pub crawl in the back of an old lorry and had a great time! Sophie went to the Atlantic for brunch with the bridesmaids, followed by a hen weekend at her parent’s house – the Saturday for friends, Sunday for family.


Where did you both get ready the night before your wedding?

Both at our respective parent’s houses.


Where did you stay the night of your wedding?

At our home.


Did you have a small or large wedding?

It was meant to be large, due to big family’s on both sides, but due to COVID we could only have 40 people.


Do you have a favourite photo from your wedding day? If so, why is it your fave and which one?

The photo we used for our thank you cards which has our dog, Rosie with a heart shaped blackboard with “thank you” written on, round her neck.


What was your first dance song and is there a story behind why you chose this song?

We didn’t have a first dance, due to COVID, but it was meant to be Jason Mraz Lucky.


What made your wedding day unique?

Phil and his groomsmen arrived in a convoy of 7 tractors, we had hardly anyone in the church due to COVID, but then walked outside the church through a pitchfork guard of honour and there were loads of people outside. We then managed to play games (blockbusters, rock and roll bingo etc) at the reception, instead of dancing, due to COVID restrictions, but it was actually probably more fun than the standard dancing. Having only 40 people meant we could speak to every single guest at our wedding, which certainly could not have happened with our initial planned 180 guests.


What your favourite part of your wedding day?

Walking out of the church through a surprise guard of honour and seeing how many people had made the effort to come and see us, despite not being allowed to join us for the actual wedding and reception – it made us feel extremely loved and lucky!


Where did you get your inspiration and styling for your wedding?

So many places. Previous weddings (a perk of a long engagement), Pinterest, Polly from Marquee Solutions.


Where did you go/are going on your honeymoon?

We were meant to go to Australia, but this had to be cancelled due to COVID. We instead went to Madeira, since it was green on the COVID scale, and it was beautiful; we had a lovely time.


Did you have anything homemade at your wedding?

Yes, lots of things. Sophie handmade all the save the dates, invites, table place numbers, table place names and menus and our cake was made by Sophie, Phil and family members.


What was your something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?

Old – Jersey Pearl earrings that Phil bought me early in our relationship

New – basically everything; dress, veil, shoes etc

Borrowed – hair extensions(!)

Blue - garter


Is there anything you would change about your wedding day?

Very surprisingly, given the circumstances, no. We had the most incredible day and think it was possibly even more special having only our nearest and dearest there. We were very lucky that we were able to see most people outside the church and are fortunate not many of our guests were from outside Jersey, so we felt we managed to share our day with most people whom we wanted to be there, obviously in different ways to initially planned. It would have been nice to have known a bit sooner than 2 weeks before how many people we were allowed and to not have had to fill in countless risk assessments and provide sanitizing sessions and we would have liked to be able to go to Australia on our honeymoon, but ah well!


What advice would you give to brides & grooms planning their wedding?

Try not to stress about the specifics too much – you will have a wonderful day, as will your guests and I can safely say that no one missed the chocolate fountain, or sweet cart or ice cream stand that we had hoped to have and weren’t able to due to COVID.


Overall, how did COVID effect your day for better or worse?

Probably answered in the above.

For worse; it was stressful having no idea how many guests we would be allowed until 2 weeks before the wedding and was disappointing to have to “un-invite” so many people. It was a shame Sophie spent so many hours hand making 180 table place names, of which only 40 were used. It was also a bit of a pain having to complete so many risk assessments, as well as having to provide COVID signs and hand sanitizing stations at the venue, but all in all it wasn’t too drastic.

For better; Phil definitely says not having to have a first dance (and Sophie partly agrees!) Also, having only 40 people made it so much more personal, we managed to properly spend time with all our guests which never usually happens at a wedding and we even managed to play games, which we are big fans of (again this wouldn’t have been possible if we had had our initial numbers).


List of all suppliers/venues 

Venue for your ceremony – Holy Trinity Church

Venue for your reception – Sophie’s grandma’s house in St Ouen

Caterers - Harpers

Cake - Family

Florist – Flowers by Design

Photographer – Paul Wright

Videographer – Rebecca Coley, Wedrock

Wedding Dress – The bridal dressing rooms Portsmouth/ Bridal Boutique Jersey (for fittings)

Bridesmaids dresses – Bridal boutique

Groom’s suit – Bridal boutique

Groomsman – Bridal Boutique

Rings – Catherine Best

Stationary – Handmade by Sophie with help from Mailmate for printing various things and Phil’s cousin, Fleur for making all the signs.

Transport – John Deere Tractors for Phil and Groomsmen, Vintage car from Phil’s uncle Wally Labey

DJ – Craig Adler, but unable to have music due to COVID

Band – Rood Mood, but unable to have music due to COVID

Hair & make up – Sophie’s sister, Laura did makeup and Sophie’s friends Shannon Mallet and Sofia Martins did the hair.


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