The inclusive stationery guide for your wedding day


We are super excited to have the lovely Beth Robin from Paper Vows as our guest writer this week and she is here to tell you everything you need to know about wedding stationary! 


To all the lovely Brides & Grooms planning their day,

I have recently realised that after you emerge from Cloud 9, also known as the ‘engagement bubble’, the reality of planning begins and everything can become quite overwhelming. Rest assured, I am hoping to shed some light on a few of your wedding stationery queries, starting with the most common question asked when I first meet couples:

"What wedding stationery do we need?"

There is SO much to look at and choose from, it’s an actual creative minefield! For this reason, I have written a clearer explanation (hopefully) of what you might need to ease a bit of pressure off of your big list. Before I babble on, have a real think about what you want and need. The great thing about wedding stationery is that you can have as little or as much as you want! (I am all for the full shebang of course!).




Yes, stationery does vary in price dependent on a number of aspects and you more than likely have a budget for it. What I would say is, don’t be scared to ask about something because you are worried about the price, what have you got to loose? And you may be pleasantly surprised…

I might be bias but I personally think the stationery journey is one of the most exciting parts in the lead up, I believe it begins to tell the story of your big day - from colours to vibe and style. You also have the option of keeping your design consistent throughout (it does look gorg!). However, no-one is trying to tell you what to do - DO YOUR THING, stationery is a personal choice and whether you don’t have the creative flair or you do - it has to be perfect for you. Something I have learnt working in the industry and attending a fair few weddings is that… A good wedding is when you stand in it’s wonderful surroundings and say "this is very THEM".




This might be one of the few times you get to be creative and I am sure whatever your stationery vision is, any designer would go above and beyond to make your imagination a reality! A little tip: Pinterest is your best friend, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t on it daily looking at all the AMAZING creations.

I am always here for advice and I really hope this has been helpful to those feeling slightly confused. It's ok to wing it, as long as you enjoy every minute!

Take Care, Beth @ Paper Vows xx


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